Time management is in addition to the learning styles of particular importance and crucial for your learning success. Especially during an exam period, in several examinations or tests are written, efficient time management is essential in order to set a good learning experience. Therefore, we will give you the following tips for the optimal design of your time management on the way.

1. Set priorities

At the beginning of your learning phase, it is advisable, if you match the individual subject areas or tasks in order of priority. Which exam is written first? What are the core issues that are quite likely queried? What could possibly be retrieved?

2. Assess the learning curve right

In addition to setting your individual learning priorities, You should do about thoughts and estimate how long you need for tasks or preparing roughly. A realistic approach is helpful. Often overrated one himself and underestimates the actual learning time and gets into time trouble before the exam. Therefore applies here: Better too much than too little time to plan.

Scheduling 3. breaks and free time

Learning Breaks are important to find your balance and thus the body and mind can regenerate. They help new strength to refuel, to process the information newly acquired and consolidate what they have learned. There are short regeneration intervals (10-20 min.), For example, after the transition from one topic to another or rest periods (1-2 hours) after you have completed an extended lesson of 3-4 hours. It is useful, for example, your mobile phone put away during the learning sessions, to work efficiently and focus can without being constantly distracted by calls, emails or WhatsApp messages.

4. reckon reps

After learning of the curriculum or, for example. After composing their own learning summary, it is advisable that you repeat all subjects briefly and you again make your opinions an overview of the newly learned subject matter. This type of reproduction helps you attending to discover gaps that you can close it.

optimize 5. Timetable

If You notice that you need more of certain subjects or ready quicker going with other issues, you should schedule your retune.