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Your Control Center

In the overview you always have a look at what's coming up. Take for example your messages/requests, the calendar, feedback or your online wallet balance, all of it just a glance and a click away.


Your Messages

Just keep in touch with your tutor or tutor and write messages on our portal. After successful contact acceptance, you can exchange your contact addresses with each other after approval and easily arrange tutoring appointments.

Additionally, you can be informed about new messages or requests by email.

Your Tuition Calendar

and further information


Your Feedback

After every lesson you will receive personal feedback from your tutor so you can continually monitor your progress and keep on improving. In addition, homework and recommendations on what literature you should buy will help refine your learning experience.

Your Profile

You can put up a photo in your personal profile, or write a short description of yourself, publicise tuition exercises and more details like your history, pastimes or credentials.

You decide what is visible on your profile and can deactivate it at any time.


Automatic Notifications

Be it new messages or requests, pending lessons or notifications about your account, you can always receive automatic notifications, so you're always informed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my booked rate if no Tutor can be assigned to me?

Should you not be able to find a suitable tutor near your location, you will be refunded* and you also won't have to pay the monthly fee.

How can I find out if a tutor is available near my location?

Find the availability with the search function now without registration. Alternatively, you can get online tutoring throughout Germany.

I am a tutor, do I have to pay any fees?

No, our mediation and verification is completely free. In contrast to that, you will be paid out your tuition credit in full.

How does the online tuition work?

After arranging an appointment, you will receive a reminder about the upcoming lesson. You can then simply communicate with your student or tutor through Skype.

I am a student, how does the payment work?

As soon as you've paid the monthly fee, you can get your tuition comfortably through our online mediation application. You will also have to pay the hourly rate per private lesson set by the tutor. You can add credit to your online wallet and check it at any time.

*Please notify us within the first 96 hours after completion of the contract.


Do you have any suggestions, wishes, or are dissatisfied with something?
We are happy to address your requests and are always looking forward to your feedback!

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To continuously improve our service we are grateful for any feedback and look forward to your message!

Preparation Course German-English-Mathematics

Inform yourself now without obligation & free of charge.

Vorbereitungskurs Mathe oder BWL

Inform yourself now without obligation & free of charge.

Group Tutoring

98€/month - can be cancelled at any time with a notice period of 3 months