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About Us

TeachBack was originally founded in Cologne. It quickly established itself as a popular tutoring agency and expanded its radius of operation to include Bonn, Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. TeachBack now operates on a nationwide level and now also offers tuition in cities like Berlin, Potsdam, Bremen, Dresden, Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Jena, Stuttgart, Augsburg, Nuremberg and Munich, and continues to steadily expand its roster of highly skilled private tutors, always on the lookout for suitable candidates.

Our tutors go through a careful and thorough selection process and as such see themselves as not only a "private tutor", but more as a customer-oriented service-provider, who creates and delivers individual learning and education strategies to his students. This means that the private lessons, as provided by our Freelancers, are not only exemplary in regard to their professional expertise, but are also impressive with respect to their methodological competence, and last but not least are characterized by our tutors refreshing passion for the subject at hand. It is our goal to provide to our student the best possible learning experience and help them achieve their goals. We reach this by respecting and engaging the individuals needs and ensuring that learning keeps being a "fun and entertaining" experience.

Competent tutoring for primary school pupils, pupils of all school types and students is delivered to you by our wide roster of skilled tutors.

Many parents are nowadays working full time and often do not find the time to bring their kids to private tutors or tutoring schools, and to then pick them back up after an hour or longer.

No problem: Here At TeachBack, it is part of our service for our private tutors to visit the pupils and students at their home in their familiar learning environment.

The Team

Simon Kuhlmann (M.A.)


Simon has been successfully tutoring for more than a decade. Success is almost an understatement. Simon is not only very popular with his private tutors, he was even officially awarded the title of one of the best private tutors in Germany by a top-class, national daily newspaper. With its loose but nevertheless stringent kind, he can explain even learning muffles the instruction material plausibly.

Marcel Amberge (M.A.)


Also with long professional experience, Marcel teaches complex topics especially for higher grades, as if he would explain the 1 x 1. His students understand the previously almost insoluble factual contexts with ease. In addition, Marcel prepares the individual learning plans and personalized learning reports. Marcel knows exactly which student still needs help in which areas in order to achieve his learning goals.

Tobias Brauchle


Tobias is our IT-mastermind, and has not only built our stunning website, but also films, edits and produces our online educational videos. In addition, he plans the content of our private tuition lessons and decides what our videos should feature.


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